Sorbian Weddings

Folklore gala

With more than 60 performers - unique variety of professionalised folklore

Visitors can expect the most beautiful excerpts from Sorbian weddings in Upper, Middle and Lower Lusatia, including wedding customs with their specific regional elements and traditional costumes. A choir, ballet and orchestra present typical music, folk songs and dances from those regions. One special experience are the original sounds of the Sorbian folk instruments, such as the small and large Sorbian fiddle, bagpipes and tarakawa. A celebration of Slavic folklore along the Spree ...

“The audience loved it (...) Bravos and long lasting applause (...) huge success (...) The musicians played extremely dynamically and passionately (...) a great success" (Press comment)

CAST Ballet, choir and orchestra of the Sorbian National Ensemble, moderator

MODERATION Kristina Nerád

CONDUCTOR Tvrtko Karlović

MUSIC Detlef Kobjela, Korla Awgust Kocor, Jan Paul Nagel, u. a.

CHOREOGRAPHY Juraj Kubánka, Mia Facchinelli, Jan Kozelnicky, u. a.

PROGRAMME DURATION ca. 90 min. plus break

No further concerts in this season.


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