The dance company

In its almost 70-year history, the SNE dance company has developed into a highly qualified ensemble committed to the preservation and cultivation, but also the further development of folkloric stage dance. The spectrum of content ranges from danced fairy tales and traditional dance scenes to modern ballet and dance theatre. In addition to large productions, studio and chamber dance programmes are increasingly becoming part of this section’s means of expression, which seven dance couples are currently engaged in. Enthusiastic reviews from Germany and abroad attest to the group’s great acceptance and performance capabilities, and has led to it already being invited to perform on stages such as the Hamburg State Opera and receiving the TANZLAND funding  from Dachverband Tanz Deutschland and the Federal Cultural Foundation.

Ballett master

  • Mia Facchinelli


  • Denise Boccia
  • Ivana Pižga
  • Ohara Clementi
  • Megan Phillips
  • Lea Schäfer
  • Carola Turrin
  • Sandra Gallo Barredo
  • Veronika Rozanoff (Elevin)
  • Kristýna Muchková (Elevin)
  • Martin Pižga
  • Alexander Bolk
  • Sebastian Šimić
  • Liam Giacuzzo
  • Kahlan Lee
  • Danila Kapustin
  • Pedro Silveira
  • Harrison Boucher (Eleve)

Training master

  • Juraj Siska


  • Paul Bernewitz