The Sorbian National Ensemble hosted on your stage

FOR EVENT ORGANISERS: Book highlights from the repertoire of the SNE as an international guest performance

  • Professional touring company with orchestra, ballet und choir since 1952, has toured in over 40 countries on 4 continents, putting on 14.000 performances.

  • Varied repertoire with productions ranging from traditional to modern –
    dance theatre, music theatre, concerts and children's music theatre.

  • We are cultural ambassadors of Lusatia in Germany – thanks to public funding of international performances, it is only required that you cover the costs for travel etc.

  • Total average of over 80 % of seats sold in theatres, concert halls, festivals, city halls and other venues.

  • We have been guest performers at the Hamburg State Opera, the Baden-Baden Festival Hall, Concert Hall Berlin, Prince Regent Theatre Munich, Gewandhaus Leipzig, Auditorium de Palma and many more.


& tour manager

Franziska Günther

Mobile +49 173 586 9680

At home in Lusatia, on the road across the world

Tour offer and references of the Sorbian National Ensemble

For every theatre season we offer you a selection from our most successful productions in the areas of dance and music theatre, concerts or children’s music theatre. We offer, for comparatively small cost, the unique experience of hiring a touring theatre that is also an official ambassador of Lusatia. As part of a tour, with moderation, (guest) soloists or enlarged by a partner orchestra, our guest performances are invoiced solely to cover tour costs. This means that, with our own professional orchestra, ballet and choir, we are able to offer the diversity of Sorbian (and international) culture to a broad public as part of an exciting dialogue between traditional and modern, between Sorbian, German and international high culture.

Already, our tours have taken us across more than 40 countries spread over 4 continents, with a total of 14,000 guest performances – notably, our productions have enjoyed the prestige of performing on stages such as the Hamburg State Opera, the Baden-Baden Festival Hall, the Concert Hall Berlin, the Prince Regent Theatre Munich and the Auditorium de Palma. Our guest performances are also widely enjoyed in appropriate performance venues, from small to large, cosy to mainstream: theatres and concert halls, in cultural centres, civic centres or educational institutions, at music and dance festivals or open-air events, as well as for special celebrations. There are no language barriers with our guest performances due to our sorbian background. True to our motto ‘At home in Lausitz, on the road across the world’, we convey to our audience the message that music and dance are universal languages which nevertheless conjure a direct connection to Sorbian culture wherever we may be.

We keep your costs to a minimum, and yet we ensure that the organisation and implementation runs smoothly, by taking care of travel and assistance of on-site technical and artistic support, transportation, catering and accommodation. Simply come and join the audience at your venue!

T O U R - P R O D U C T I O N S


_ G a l a C o n c e r t s


Operetta gala with ballet and soloists

CAST Orchestra, ballet, 2 vocal soloists, moderator
PROGRAMME DURATION ca. 90-120 minutes plus break

SNE production with highest demand

When dancing couples float across the stage in three-four time and the waltz dances on the violins’ strings, then you will experience the Sorbian National Ensemble in its usual top form with its operetta gala “You are the world to me”. In addition to the ever-present Strauss dynasty, works by talented contemporaries such as Franz Lehar or Richard Tauber, whose world-famous catchy tune lends its name to the programme, are performed. Enjoy an evening of pure wit, levity and entertainment!



Concert gala of romanticism with ballet and soloists

MUSIC Claude Debussy, Leroy Anderson, Andrew Lloyd Webber,
Paul Lincke, Erik Satie, Korla Awgust Kocor, et al.
Orchestra, ballet, 2 vocal soloists, jazz pianist, moderator
ca. 90 minutes plus break

From classical to jazz music - even more atmospheric openair

The moon has always fascinated people. Our orchestra and ballet, complemented by soloists, dedicate themselves to our silent companion during this “Moon Night” with a selection of the most beautiful romantic melodies such as Claude Debussy’s “Claire de lune” or Erik Satie’s “Gymnopedie lunaire”. The moon also played a major role in jazz and many musicians were attracted to its mysterious nature. “Fly me to the moon” – let yourself be carried away through the galaxy of moon soaked jazz songs, but also the most beautiful lullabies.



Musical firework with ballet and soloists

CAST Orchestra, ballet, 2 vocal soloists, moderator
ca. 90 minutes plus break

Always sold out and enthusiastic resonance in audience and press - trailer online!

What better way to get the audience in the mood for the new year than a stylish concert with well-known melodies from operetta and musicals? In the New Year’s concerts by the Sorbian National Ensemble, the programme is also expanded to include energetic dance performances by the ballet. In addition to well-known classics by the Viennese Strauss dynasty and their contemporaries, samples of Sorbian composers will also be heard. First-class vocal soloists, a charming presenter and a captivating ballet promise a successful evening.

"Naturally, encores were called for – and granted, until hundreds of clapping members of the audience drowned out the orchestra during the Radetzky March" (Erfurt)

"The audience was enthusiastic and gave frenetic applause." (Elsenfeld)

"Spirited, captivating, humorous, virtuosi, elegant, rousing and graceful, colourful and varied (...) philharmonic sound art, folk music and the best entertainment from opera, operetta and musicals" (Balingen)



Gala of film score and musicals

CAST Orchestra, 2 vocal soloists, moderator
ca. 90-120 minutes plus break

Already performed in the sold out Auditorium de Palma in Spain

Experience magical moments during a foray through the world of film and musicals music with the Sorbian National Ensemble orchestra and outstanding guest soloists. Adventure, romance and drama – the most fascinating moments of unforgotten Hollywood heroes as well as catchy Broadway tunes as a listening experience. Immerse yourself in the magic of great moments in cinema and musicals history!


_ C h i l d r e n 's M u s i c T h e a t r e


Fairy ballet in 5 picutres

CAST Ballet of the Sorbischen National-Ensembles and speaker
PROGRAMME DURATION ca. 60 minutes, no break

for children 5+ - already booked by the Hamburg State Opera House

Der Pumpot ist eine der bekanntesten und beliebtesten sorbischen Sagenfiguren, da er, ähnlich dem Till Eulenspiegel, mit seinen lustigen Streichen für allerlei Turbulenzen sorgt. In fünf Bildern erzählt das Märchenballett “Die Abenteuer des Pumpot” die Geschichte des pfiffigen Müllerburschen mit seinem spitzen, breitkrempigen Zauberhut, von seiner Flucht vor dem habgierigen Müller und dessen Drachen und von den Begegnungen mit der schönen und strengen Mittagsfrau, den Irrlichtern und anderen Gestalten der sorbischen Sagenwelt auf seiner spannenden Wanderschaft durch die Lausitz.



Concert in pictures with speaker

MUSIC Gisbert Näther
LIBRETTO according to texts from Wilhelm Busch (translation possible)
CAST Orchestra and actor
PROGRAMME DURATION ca. 55 minutes, no break

For children 5+

The composer Gisbert Näther has added lively, stimulating and at the same time suspenseful music to the humorous verses by Wilhelm Busch. Resulting in a playful dialogue between the narrator and orchestra. The content of the Busch verses becomes an entertaining musical experience for the young audience through the human voice on the one hand and the orchestra’s wide range of sounds on the other hand.



Interactive musical fairy tale

MUSIC Liana Bertók
Jěwa-Marja Čornakec (translation possible)
orchestra and speaker
ca. 60 minutes, no break

For children 5+ - interactive and exciting education of music

How can a fox defeat such powerful opponents as the wolf, the bear and the wild boar without actually fighting them? In the fabulous world of this musical story, the children are not only listeners, but they become participants with the Orff Approach and collective singing. “Peter and the Wolf” experienced in a totally new way!

Already being booked by the Hamburg State Opera House



Interactive time travel through the history of dance

CAST Ballet and speaker
PROGRAMME DURATION ca. 60 minutes, no break

For children 5+ - instructive, interactive and entertaining

Dancing is fun – but who actually started it? How do they dance in Lusatia? What do the waltz and rock 'n roll have in common? How did the tango end up in Europe? And why do you need a répétiteur? Together with the Sorbian National Ensemble ballet, Kristina Nerad spans the spectrum from medieval procession dance to jazz dance, from dance lessons at court to Sorbian folk dance, and looks with the little schoolchildren into a ballet hall on stage, where some styles and forms of dance history can be experienced.



as musical or ballet for children

CAST ca. 17 vocal performers or ca. 14 ballet dancers
ca. 60 minutes, no break

For children 4+ - most popular children's music theatre of Lusatia

Every year, thousands of children in Lusatia eagerly await the new scenic production celebrating the Sorbian bird wedding tradition. The constantly revised subject of the unusual marriage between a magpie and raven, which only succeeds with joint help, is alternately staged as a musical for children or as a ballet fairy tale with a narrator and has not only been a successful series in Lusatia for decades, but is also popular throughout the German-speaking world. In addition to entertainment for the whole family, the plot is also educationally valuable for children. Production details depending on the desired booking period on request.


_ C o m p a c t F o r m a t s


Bagpipe, alpenhorn, fujara & more

CAST bagpipe, alpenhorn, fujara, sorbian violin, guitar, moderation

PROGRAMME DURATION 60 to 90 minutes possible

Ein spannendes musikalisches Experiment - kurzfristig und günstig buchbar

In the moderated concert, the bagpiper and singer from the Sorbian National Ensemble devotes himself to a total of 7 different bagpipes, including – in addition to Lusatian versions – probably the best known of its kind: the Great Highland Backpipe. Look forward to an entertaining concert with well-known melodies and interesting anecdotes about the fascinating bagpipes instrument.



from Scotland to Lusatia

CAST 1 moderating bagpiper with 7 instruments
min. 70 minutes, no break

Available short-term, low-budget and flexible

In the moderated concert, the bagpiper and singer from the Sorbian National Ensemble devotes himself to a total of 7 different bagpipes, including – in addition to Lusatian versions – probably the best known of its kind: the Great Highland Backpipe. Look forward to an entertaining concert with well-known melodies and interesting anecdotes about the fascinating bagpipes instrument.



Kammermusikalisches Hörstück mit Ballett

MUSIK Jan Paul Nagel, Bjarnat Krawc, Detlef Kobjela, Heinz Roy, Korla Awgust Kocor, Jan Cyž
Mia Facchinelli
Schauspielerin, Ballett und Kammerorchester des SNE
ca. 110 Minuten zzgl. Pause

Charlotte von Kielmannsegge und Napoleon Bonaparte gehören zu den schillerndsten Paaren der Weltgeschichte, deren Geschicke unmittelbar mit der Lausitz verbunden waren. Napoleon fühlte in der Schlacht bei Bautzen 1813 erstmals, dass sein Stern zu sinken begann, und die Kielmannsegge war die damalige Besitzerin des Gutes Schmochtitz und darüber hinaus nicht nur eine Agentin, sondern auch eine lebenslange Bewunderin des charismatischen Feldherrn. Eine Schauspielerin wird dieser außergewöhnlich klugen, schönen, mit äußerst diplomatischem Geschick europaweit agierenden sächsischen Adeligen in diesem kammermusikalischen Programm von Tomas Kreibich-Nawka ihre Stimme leihen. Atmosphärisch begleitet durch Musik sorbischer Komponisten und dem Ballett des Sorbischen National-Ensembles wird der spannende Monolog der sagenumwobenen Spionin zu einem eindringlich-sinnlichen Erlebnis.



Chamber concert with music, dance and songs

CAST String quartet, actor and ballet couple
ca. 80 minutes plus break

Available short-term and low-budget

The musicians in the “Chordophone” string quartet invite you to a varied chamber evening. An actress as a speaker and singer as well as two
 ballet soloists from the Sorbian National Ensemble round off the programme with joint performances. Sorbian folk songs in a modern arrangement can be heard from the great treasure of the Smoler collection. The following 2nd String Quartet by Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki is full of energy and emotion, which can also be experienced by the eyes through improvised expressive dance. Afterwards, the “Adiemus” variations by Karl Jenkins will take you into the world of popular music.


E d u c a t i o n F o r m a t s:

for institutions of Lower and Upper Lusatia